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Welcomes you..

Thanks for stopping by....unfortunately like so many tattoo artists I have had to close the doors to my studio.

COVID-19 does not stop my creativity from flowing and exploring fresh ideas though and I hope to see you through my door in the very near future.

Good Health to you all and Stay safe.


Studio Josimo

Tattoo Avant Art

Studio Josimo operates as a private studio, all tattoo sessions are pre-booked and on a one to one basis (artist and client).

Hygiene is a critical factor within any tattoo studio, we follow strict standards of hygiene offering a safe and sterile environment for our clients. It is standard protocol within the tattoo industry.

Due to the present global situation further changes may have to be implemented once our doors are open again.

What's Behind the Tattoo?

The  tattoo protects and separates. It serves as a divider and a space between the self and outside world.

  Similarly, the tattoo becomes the ego’s shield, the body’s skin, and  cells membrane  protecting itself  from outside force of conformity and  obedience and preserving the souls free will. 

 Tattooing is also a form of “internalizing” an image.  Freud speaks of  “internalization”; where one internalizes an idea, a person or an image.  Children dream of their friends, lovers of their love, scholars of  their theories. But through art and ink one can become united within the  image  or person or idea they so desperately adore and love. It is an  attachment!  Something meaningful which is beyond the self. The self  grows with the image until they’re united. 


Studio Josimo Tattoo & Body Art

More than just a tattoo studio, art is a major factor in everything I do, combining various forms of visual art from tattoos & body art to illustrations & oil paintings. 

I have a creative mind with a lack of vice, life as we know it today is a far distant reality from when we thought we knew it, as I social distance myself from the outside world, working from my home studio, my present scope of works has now led me to working in an undisciplined manner at times, transmitting emotions , mimicking brush strokes found in Japanese calligraphy, creating a fragmented approach to composition and shape.

That's the amazing thing about art...is that it's ever evolving, so when the time comes around for us to make that permanence on your skin make sure that the art you want fits the artist you choose.. with that being said thank you for choosing 

Studio Josimo!

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Studio Josimo operates on an appointment only basis so we are very flexible when it comes to our clients availability.