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Studio Josimo

Body Art Boutique

Studio Josimo opened it's doors in April of this year (2019) in the heart of Glasgow's Buchanan Street and is owned and run by husband and wife team, John and Simona.

When you walk into our studio you will be sure to find us warm and welcoming, not to mention a professional, clean and sterile environment.

We want our clients to feel as comfortable as possible, getting a tattoo or any piece of temporary body art can be very intimidating, whether it is your first time or your 100th time we want to treat each and every client in the same manner as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

Custom Tattoo Art

For the Tattoo Artist your body is a living canvas, where thoughts and imagination are meant to be landed.Tattoos have a power and magic, they decorate the body and enhance the soul.

Studio Josimo is a new, privately owned, fully custom tattoo & body art studio, specializing in custom designing completely original ink for each and every client.

We can work with existing designs, reference material or interpret your dismantled vague & unclear ideas of what you think you want.....


Body Art & Make-Up Artistry

Fashion, face, hairstyle and clothing are primary focal points within each photograph. At Studio Josimo these factors are not only important but essential. Toppling barriers with make-up artistry, face-paint, temporary tattoo applications can take the viewers eye closer to make them think and question.

Create stunning works of living art, perfect for promotional events, product launches, corporate events and much more... contact us for more information about how live art models could work for your event.

Walk the edge and take bold liberties with creativity and attitude.

For more information and enquiries please contact us with a short description of your project.



Studio Josimo Body Art Boutique

More than just a tattoo studio, art is a major factor in everything I do, combining various forms of visual art from tattoos & body art to illustrations & oil paintings. 

I have a creative mind with a lack of vice, so what I am doing today may be completely different than what I'm doing next year.... 

That's the amazing thing about tattoo & body art...is that it's ever evolving, so make sure that the art you want fits the artist you choose.. with that being said thank you for choosing Studio Josimo!

John 'Josimo' Paterson

Tattoo Events 2020



Studio Josimo will be participating in the 11th Annual Tattoo Fest Iasi, Romania on the 20th - 22 March 2020.


Custom Tattoo Flash

Choose any of Studio Josimo's pre-drawing tattoo designs or have a piece customised personally for you.


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Book your slot now with the artist 'Josimo' over this 3 day event.

Body Art Price Guide

Separate rates will apply for Body Art & M.U.A projects requiring multiple artists, assistants & other additional staff .

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Studio Josimo

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Studio Josimo operates on an appointment only basis so we are very flexible when it comes to our clients availability.